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April 1st-14th, 2019


Aches, pains, illness and dis-ease are physiologic messages from your organs and muscles.

Join us and we will teach you how to interpret your body’s messages so you can have the body and life you know you deserve!

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Many of our participants:

  • Report feeling “lighter” and having more clarity

  • Wake up rested and don’t suffer from an “afternoon slump”

  • Find relief from chronic constipation, gas, bloating, and diarrhea

  • Normalize painful, heavy, and/or irregular menstruation

  • Reduce arthritic pain

  • Lose weight

  • And many other health-positive effects

You can do this program from afar or locally, in Chestertown, MD.

If you have questions after reading below, email krista@herbalalchemy.me

Our two-week program includes:


Dietary, wellness & nutritional support:

- Individual goal-setting session with a certified health & wellness coach

- Daily social media and/or email health tips

- Personal access to health professionals including: herbalists, a licensed nutritionist, a yoga therapist, two personal fitness trainers, a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine/licensed acupuncturist, a certified health & wellness coach, and a professional, gluten-free baker

- A whole-foods dietary regimen with two-week menu plan & recipes

  • There are a handful of food restrictions (e.g. no alcohol) but there are no caloric limits

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Group and online classes - (scroll to the bottom of the page for a calendar of events)

- Three mindfulness, wellness & nutrition classes at Figg’s Ordinary

  • These classes will also be streamed & recorded on Facebook Live

  • First class is Thursday, March 28th at 11:30 a.m.

- Two yoga classes at River Warrior Yoga (limited space, sign up early)

- Two group walking opportunities - meeting in Wilmer Park

- Opportunity to work with a personal trainer at a significant discount. Click here for details.

Option to purchase high-quality, food-based nutritional supplements which will optimize your Refresh experience.

We highly recommend these products and they are not required. These are the products we use ourselves and with our families. We receive a small portion of the sales of these products if you purchase from our link.

Click the “Place Order” link on the left. After logging in, select the “Spring Refresh 2019” protocol to order the supplements below.

  1. Innate Detox

  2. Mega Foods Daily Purify Nutrient Booster

  3. Innate Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder - pea-based protein powder

  4. Innate Probiotics


This two-week program is worth well over $1000. However, it is important to us to share wellness & vitality with our community and make it affordable so we are offering the Refresh for only $200.

If you have participated with us in the past or you are a current client, you will receive a $100 discount. For the discount, email krista@herbalalchemy.me

For the full list of events, see April 2019.