With coaching you will:

Clarify your goals and direction

Strategize your activities

Upgrade your skills

Optimize your surroundings

Master your mind

Identify what is most important to you

Tap into your own motivation to make positive change

You want things to be different. You want a clear path forward. You are ready for change.

At Herbal Alchemy, we use coaching principles in every consultation. Yet coaching and clinical consultations are very different.  For starters, coaching is possible in every aspect of your life.  We do health and wellness coaching and we also support people through exciting (and sometimes scary) life transitions.  We coach for change of all kinds.

To support each of our clients on their holistic wellness journey, we offer private wellness coaching services that help them achieve their goals for change, self-improvement, and overall happiness. Working with Krista, you’ll learn that life doesn’t have to be crazy—and it is possible to have the sanity, clarity, balance and good health you’ve dreamed of.

To determine if coaching is the right fit, we offer a free, introductory call.  Every person we’ve coached has found this introductory call to be meaningful and useful on its own. It is the beginning of your journey toward change.  You will be glad you made the call!

Coaching for Change calls are weekly (with occasional weeks off).  Most coaching is done over the phone.  If you want to be coached in person, there is an additional charge.

Is Coaching Right For Me?

There is no typical coaching client‚ because anyone can benefit!

  • Whether you’re just not sure how to get “there” from where you are, or whether you’re not entirely sure what “there” looks like.

  • You have so much you want to accomplish but sometimes you just can’t figure out where, or how, to begin.

We believe the right answers lie within you—and through effective coaching, we can guide you and support you as you learn to ask the right questions.


Testimonials from our coaching clients

I came to feel Krista was a real ally in my corner, someone I truly connected with, who got me and my quirkiness, and didn’t judge it.

I feel like a changed person since I began working with Krista. I have grown immensely. I look at things differently. I am recognizing my value. I am empowered!
— Liz Giles - Health In Essence LLC - Longmont, CO
Krista knows from experience how to set goals and achieve them in the most challenging academic and professional environments. Her coaching helps me refine my skills to manage the demands on my time and to make measurable progress toward my goals.

I look forward to my coaching sessions with Krista. When I schedule an appointment, I know it will produce a realistic and actionable plan toward goal completion. I can be tough on myself, but Krista reminds me of my strengths and focuses my attention on positive outcomes.
— Michael O'Hara - U.S. Navy - Portsmouth, RI
Coaching with Krista got me in touch with asking the right questions and made things possible I never expected.

The structure, skill set, and insight she brings makes for great growth.
— Brandon Deane - high school teacher - St. George, VA

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