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Autumn Reboot

As herbalists and nutritionists, we receive many inquiries in January each year from people with resolutions to lose weight and rededicate themselves to their wellness practices. Holiday festivities from Thanksgiving through the New Year can certainly take their toll!

The challenge of beginning a weight-loss program in the middle of winter is that our bodies are not inclined to release stored energy in colder months. This is the result of thousands of years of human history, living within the cycles of abundance and scarcity that come with the turn of the seasons. In winter, food supplies can be scarce, and cold days can drag on. Only when the warmth of spring appears and plants begin to emerge with the promise of food do our bodies take the cues of nature to start shedding excess.

Autumn is also a perfect time to release and renew, before the cold of winter hits and our bodies begin hording calories. The energy of Autumn is about letting go, purifying ourselves and acknowledging all that we have accomplished. Just as the trees shed their leaves, so our bodies shed easily during this season.

Get in the habit now by doing a “pre-holiday” health routine that works with your body when it is most ready to work with you.

In keeping with the energy of autumn, we have designed a two-week nutrition program to help you “reboot.” The class will begin on October 22.

Come to our informational meeting at Figg’s Ordinary in Chestertown on Thursday, Oct 18 from 6-7 or sign up at to learn more!

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