Meet the Alchemists


Deborah Mizeur, MS, MHA, RD, RH

Improving health is my passion and my life's work.  After leaving a career in health policy on Capitol Hill, my interest in medicine led me to the Amazonian jungle where I experienced the healing powers of plants.  I was immediately hooked.  With intensive training in both ancient traditional healing and modern science, my practice spans the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of health to identify the root causes of dis-ease.  Through our work together, my patients are empowered with self-care tools that enable them to partner with their own innate capacity to heal.

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Krista Lamoreaux, MS

Since childhood, I have been deeply connected to nature.  My love for the stars in the night sky led me to the Naval Academy, where I was an aeronautical engineer.  After graduation, I trained as a Navy pilot and then traveled the world, experiencing the gifts of many cultures.  This awakened within me a deep curiosity and connection with our human family.   When I returned home and started my own family, I wanted to expand my knowledge of the power of nature to heal and share this knowledge with others.  I am inspired to bring my formal training in herbal medicine and health & wellness coaching, alongside a lifetime of observing nature, and decades of working with plants, to cultivate personal health & well-being.

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Our training…

Both Deborah and Krista received Master’s of Science degrees in Herbal Medicine through the Maryland University of Integrative Health. The rigorous curriculum included coursework in physiology, pathophysiology, organic chemistry, nutritional biochemistry, pharmacology, phytochemistry, nutrition & digestive health, drug-herb interaction, traditional medicine systems and advanced biochemistry, pathophysiology & assessment. In clinic, we were trained to serve as part of an integrative team of medical professionals. This enables us to serve as a bridge between what our clients can do for themselves at home and what they are doing with their doctors.