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Tending the Soil

For thousands of years, humans have cultivated their knowledge of plants as sources of food and cures for ailments.  Modern science has validated much of this historical use.  But not every plant is right for every person.  Our practice brings a personalized approach, matching the plant to the patient.

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Planting Seeds

Our boutique herbal apothecary specializes in custom formulations and hand-crafted products to support wellness at all stages of life.  Our teas, tinctures and topical applications are made with organic, whole-food ingredients, delivering high-quality nutrients to enhance the body's innate capacity for health. 

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Product updates

Harvesting Results

Through individual consultations and group classes we empower our patients with self-care strategies in all areas of their lives, incorporating nutrition, herbal medicine, stress management techniques, wellness coaching, Reiki, and more. 

Want to learn more?  We regularly offer classes and workshops on a variety of health topics.

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In our work and partnerships, we are committed to sustainable practices that minimizes our ecological footprint and promotes a thriving, resilient local community.